☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ - Southeastern Restaurant Report

"The octopus hot dogs are among the best I've had. You must try these." - Harvey Callahan, TrueFood Magazine

"The orange slices were clearly grown in the finest soil." - Jessica Hooper, Great Soil Quarterly

"The atmosphere was such that I easily could have spent the rest of my life in that booth inhaling the essence of the sea." - Chris Foster, author, various children's books

"After dinner I went to the wine cellar and lost my way. But oh, the laughs..." - Roger Ramirez, Daily Weekly

"Real special." - Henrietta Hines, Top Vittles

"I wouldn't feed this to my dog. Only because it's pricey for an animal that would not appreciate it but don't get me wrong. The food is fantastic." - Elmo Wright, Savannah Fun

"At the first bite it was like the heavens opened up and down came the flavor. And we danced in it." - Mary Adams,

"I've been coming here since you could smoke in here. And I still eat here if that tells you anything." - John, Regular

"The Italian Crab Snazzies are amazing. The crumbs even help my plants grow." - Jamie Bridges, Eats and Pistons